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There, Mexican university students volunteer to tag and count hatchlings emerging from the sand.


Basically, all successful attempts to conserve and protect turtles--whether at the governmental or independent level--will require the elements Archie Carr brought to the endeavor: intelligence, knowledge, passion, purpose, perspective, and the capacity to inspire others to share a vision of what might be and to act on that vision. Although we never had the chance to meet Archie Carr, we feel that we have come to know a little of him from his writing. It displays a generous mix of humour and sobriety.

That's what we're striving for here, so we like to think that he would have enjoyed Turtle Trax.

We felt that a place like this would be flawed if it did not honour him. Archie Carr did more than save Caribbean green sea turtles.

What is the Meaning of a Turtle Tattoo?

He left a legacy that gave them and all marine turtles a much better chance than they would have had otherwise. In his lifetime, Archie Carr must have started thousands of turtle hatchlings down the beach and on to life's journey. Whether he thought of it in these terms or not, he also released another batch of hatchlings: the students he taught and inspired to go on and lead the world's research and conservation efforts for these magnificent animals. That's how we like to think of him, anyway. Right after Turtle Trax was launched on May 21, , we were informed that May 21 was also the anniversary of Archie Carr's death.

We did not plan it this way; in fact, Turtle Trax was a day behind schedule. Learning this coincidence gave us both an eerie feeling.

Turtles all the way down

At that time the Kickapoo and Kansas were admitted to the council further strengthening the alliance of old friends that has proven to be inseparable. Big Turtle 2. Little Turtle 3. Mud Turtle 4. Wolf 5. Bear 6. Beaver 7. Deer 8.

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Porcupine 9. Striped Turtle Highland Turtle Snake Ed spent most of his life researching and writing about our people and was very knowledgeable when it came to selecting elements that best represented the tribe throughout history. He designed our turtle in the s and it was first used in The symbols used in his design perfectly represent the tribe.

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Each has a purpose and meaning and can be verified through both traditional and historical accounts; however, the turtle was originally designed without the willow branches. The branches were added later after an assumption was made regarding their traditional relevance.

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This rendition of the turtle was initially to be used by economic development giving a common visual representation yet with a separation from the tribal division. Powered by WordPress and Sliding Door theme. Skip to content. Buser Charles Garrad Dr. Bruce Pearson Dr. Craig Kopris Wyandotte Jr. James B.