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The developments of electrical machines are due to the convergence of material progress, improved calculation tools, and new feeding sources. Among the many recent machines, the authors have chosen, in this first book, to relate the progress in slow speed machines, high speed machines, and superconducting machines.

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The first part of the book is dedicated to materials and an overview of magnetism, mechanic, and heat transfer. Table of contents Introduction ix Chapter 1. Theoretical tools 1 1. Materials 16 1.

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Bibliography 35 Chapter 2. Introduction 39 2. Positioning of the problem. Outline of the feasibility limits 41 2. Teeth coil winding and toothed pole machines 63 2. Machines with distributed winding and the Vernier effect 82 2. Bibliography Chapter 3. HDT 51a: Pumping water with non-conventional energy Eng.

Non-conventional Electrical Machines

Applications: It adapts easily for pumping water from the lower parts of the valleys to the upper parts. Features: They can be built with materials and technology of low-cost in garages. Takes advantage of springs, rivers or streams with flows from 30 to liters per second. Applications: Are especially suited for pumping water from the lower parts of the valley to the highlands, and can simultaneously generate electricity with pumping.

Costs: The turbo pump does not have standardized sizes and must be calculated for each installation.

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River pump The river pump is a machine composed of a free stream waterwheel and an alternative piston pump 4. Applications: It is an alternative solution to the problem of lifting water when there is no possibility of applying a pumping system based on falling water as an energy source. Selection: The main dimensions of the wheel diameter and width depends on the water velocity as well as the cross section of the canal or river and the amount of water to be pumped.

Features: For standardized models: Wheel Diameter: From 2. Wheel Width: From 1.

Standardized strokes of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm. Costs: Depends on the specifics of each installation. Applications: This wind pump can lift water up to a maximum height of 20 m.

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Costs: Are variable with each installation site. Wind Turbines Wind turbines produce electrical energy through a two-stage process. Multiplication transmission belt and aluminum-silicon pulleys. Steel profiles tower of 6 m.


Inverter for converting 12 or 24 volts stored in batteries to V. Batteries that depending on the size, can work up with 2, W continuously throughout the day if there is wind 24 hours.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Power Quality, Non-conventional Energy Sources and Energy Converters, Microprocessors and DSP Laboratory, Electrical Drives Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Electrical Machines Laboratory, Advanced Electrical Laboratory, Electrical Systems for Construction Industries, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory , Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines, Solid State Controllers of Drives, Modelling of Electrical Machines, Special Electrical Machines. Developed the syllabus of 1.

Power Conditioning, 6. Power Quality, 7.

Magnetic Materials Used in the Magnetic Core Manufacture of Electrical Machines and Transformers

Electric Vehicles, 8. Appliance System, 9.

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Mechatronics, Variable Reluctance Machines, Special Electrical Machines,