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C Corresponding author. Email: ppita udc. Comparative works on sampling techniques allow selecting the best methods to study each target fish community. We analysed the structure of a coastal fish community in Galicia north-western Spain by comparing the following three techniques: diver-based underwater visual census UVC , remotely operated vehicle ROV and remote underwater video RUV.

Furthermore, the economic cost of the video system was triple the cost of the diving gear; consequently, we recommend using divers to study the coastal fish communities in the shallow waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ecological Census Techniques: A Handbook / Edition 2

However, further research is necessary to explore the full capabilities of video techniques in long-term studies, in greater depths and in adverse weather conditions. Additional keywords: rocky reef fish, ROV, scuba diving, underwater video, underwater visual census. Invertebrates Malcolm Ausden and Martin Drake; 6.

Fish Isabelle M.

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Cote and Martin R. Perrow; 7. Amphibians Tim R. Halliday; 8.

Reptiles Simon Blomberg and Richard Shine; 9. Birds David W. Gibbons and Richard D. Gregory; Mammals Charles Krebs; Environmental variables Jacquelyn C.

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Jones, John D. Reynolds and Dave Raffaelli; The twenty commonest censusing sins William J.


Sutherland; Index. Praise for the first edition: 'There are too few books like this that help students to see the broad picture of census methods and yet warn them of the censusing sins listed in the last chapter of the book! This book will assist university lecturers in teaching the methods essential to developing reliable databases for conservation and management, and for testing ecological theory. Krebs, Trends in Ecology and Evolution '! The book will be useful to ecologists at all levels.

Moore, New Scientist '! Researchers in population and behavioural ecology and those interested in conservation of species would find this book very useful. Bonsall, Biologist.

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